Ah, Memories of Paris!

Hello Friends!

Gourmet Girl Denise here from Le Petit Saint Barnabé in Mouliherne, France.

My dear friend Delores was here a couple of months ago on a much-needed vacation for three weeks, and we spent a few days in Paris, the city of light. She has been caring for her mother for the past five years as Elizabeth has dementia. It takes a strong soul to be a patient caregiver to someone who has dementia/Altzheimers. Not everyone can do it, and Delores has done it very well. As I write this, Elizabeth is transitioning, and my dear friend is heartbroken. So I have lit every candle in the house to light her way, and include pictures for Delores of happier times.

My dear sister-friend Delores on the banks of the Seine with her adorable pup, Sasha.

Notre Dame under repair from the devastating fire of a few months ago.

Delores and I under the Eifel Tower.

The view of the Seine from our hotel balcony to the right

And to the left

A water taxi on the Seine.

One of the beautiful stained glass rose windows at Chartres Cathedral. We stopped here on our way home to Mouliherne where Delores was able to relax for the next three weeks. We had a great time together.

My dear friend Delores, another chapter awaits you now. You have been a guardian angel for your mother and now it is your time to live your life as you see fit. And your mom will soon be at peace and flying with the angels.

Enjoy life, my friends. Life is a short journey so make sure you are happy and where you want to be. Rejoice in good friends and family, eat good food, drink good wine, get out and enjoy the great outdoors, and above all, take good care of yourselves and others.




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