Au Revoir Santa Barbara, Salut Loire River Valley

Hello from Gourmet Girl Denise,

Well, I’ve finally done it! After dreaming about living in France again and talking incessantly about doing just that, I am doing just that! This Thursday, I fly away to spend a year or more in the lovely Loire Valley. The preparations have been exhausting, but now that I have scratched off most of the to-do’s on my list, I’m beginning to get excited.

I will continue to blog from France after I am settled, most likely in a couple of months, so that I can send you photos of all of the wonderful food and wine I will be partaking of, not to mention the remarkable landscape and architecture.

I haven’t time to write more just now with all the last-minute preparations, so this blog post is a short one. I promise to make it up to you soon!

Meanwhile, keep preparing delicious food at home, over your campfire in the woods, or on your BBQ in the backyard. Next stop, France!

All my best,

Executive chef of the Gourmet Girls on Fire

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