Salad Lovers, Rejoice!

Hello Fellow Gourmands! Gourmet Girl Gail here writing from Santa Barbara where the weather is heating up. August tends to be one of the warmest months here and elsewhere . . . the dog days of summer is a phrase that comes to mind. When temps reach into the 80s and upwards I tend to […]

What To Do With Those Eggstra Eggs

Greetings from Le Petit Saint-Barnabé! Gourmet Girl Denise here in balmy Mouliherne. The weather has been hot and humid for days and that makes for pretty slow going as far as we humans are concerned. Not so for my girls Madelaine, Mimi, Daisy, Daphne, and Ruby. My lovely hens have begun laying in earnest and […]

Crater Lake National Park

Dear Foodies and Fellow Travelers, Gourmet Girl Gail here writing from Ocean Mesa, overlooking the Pacific. Even though it’s a mere 22 miles north of Santa Barbara, it feels like oceans away. And although my apartment in Santa Barbara overlooks the city and the sea, I’ll take any excuse to get away from the interruptions […]

You Can Run But You Can Not Hide!

Hello dear friends, fellow campers, and food aficionados! Gourmet Girl Denise here from Le Petit Saint Barnabé, France. Well, it is 8:00 in the evening here and it is still 100 degrees outside. Thank goodness I live in an old stone house, built in the 1800s, with walls that are just about 3 feet thick. […]

Travels with Abigail — Part 2

Greetings! Gourmet Girl Gail here writing from sunny Santa Barbara, and I’m excited to share some more of our travels with Abigail. On a recent trip up to Lake of the Woods in Oregon, we made stops at Big Basin Redwoods State Park in the Santa Cruz area, Mendocino/Fort Bragg, and Patrick’s Point. Big Basin […]

Cooking in the Loire Valley

Greetings! Gourmet Girl Denise here from Le Petit Saint Barnabé in the Loire River Valley. Things have been rather hectic here for the month of June and July. I am the proud mother of five lovely hens who are happily living and laying here in their new hen house, built the first week of June. […]

Travels with Abigail — Part 1

Dear Friends and Fur Baby Lovers, A few weeks ago I announced that I rescued a sweet dog from the Bay Area named Abigail. My dear friend and client, Dr. Ann Schiebert, sent me pictures of this cutie, saying she would be the perfect dog for me. And she is! Believe it or not, it’s […]


Hello friends and fellow campers! Gourmet Girl Denise here from Le Petit Saint Barnabé, Mouliherne, France. The weather is hot here at the homestead in the Loire River Valley. The mercury is topping out this week at 40 degrees centigrade or 104 degrees Fahrenheit! Yikes! Lemonade consumption is going to be high and I will […]

Camping in France

Hello friends and campers! Gourmet Girl Denise here from the little village of Mouliherne, France in the Maine et Loire. All of the oak forests are in leaf and bustling with life in this part of France. Swallows are nesting and just the other day I looked out of my kitchen window and there on […]