You Don’t Have to Go Camping To Enjoy Our Recipes!

Dueling Dutch Ovens

The other day I was telling a friend who does not camp about our book, The Gourmet Girls Go Camping Cookbook, and she said, “The food sounds great, but I don’t camp.”  “Well,” I said, “you don’t have to camp to enjoy the recipes in our book.”  And then I set out to prove it.

I decided to make our short rib recipe, which is a cast iron Dutch oven recipe in the book. I could have used my Dutch oven in my regular oven but instead opted to use my Le Creuset Dutch oven, a shallow, round, enameled, iron pan that I absolutely love.  But you could use a cast iron Dutch oven in your regular oven if you wanted to.

It turned out just as good as it did the last time I made it camping, that is minus the smell of pine trees and the sound of a babbling brook, which of course makes even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich taste like a gourmet meal. I made some mashed potatoes and placed the short ribs on top, and served a salad on the side.  My friend gobbled it down so fast I was scooping out seconds before I was finished with my first!

My friend was very impressed and relieved that she wouldn’t have to brave the dis-comforts of sleeping in a tent and confront her fear of bears in order to enjoy the recipes in our book.  So no excuses!  Download our eBook now at Amazon,, or Apple iBooks to begin a new culinary adventure!