Gourmet Girls at Large

The Gourmet Girls at Large

L to R: Lindsey Moran, Gail Kearns, Seyburn Zorthian, Yvonne Chin, Denise Woolery, Wendy Overend, Jen Shively

As the three book authors, we are part of a larger group of Gourmet Girls which formed in 1996 when a couple of friends got together for a potluck dinner in Santa Barbara. Soon the group grew into a diverse and dynamic group of women sharing their culinary adventures.

We have come together every year since then for the holidays, our annual gourmet camping trip, and our well-loved summer paella party. At each gathering we bring mouthwatering dishes to share along with our laughter, our tears, our love of the outdoors and each other, as well as our mutual love of great food.

Jennifer Shively has a popular catering company that provides a delectable bill of fare to residents in the community. Seyburn Zorthian is part owner of a Santa Ynez Valley winery and an extraordinary artist. Gail Kearns is a book Sherpa who helps writers make the trek from manuscript to getting published. Yvonne Chin, Maury Tremen, and Denise Woolery design landscapes for the many spectacular homes in and around Santa Barbara. Lyn Buric is a civil engineer and a surfing instructor for our wounded and recovering veterans. Wendy Overend, our PhD from South African, is Director of Admissions at a university, and Lindsey Moran is a film and TV production designer.

Together we make up the Gourmet Girls at Large!