Gourmet Girls Labor Day Celebration!

GGs at Presqu'ile

Dear Friends and Followers,

The Gourmet Girls at Large aptly observed Labor Day this past weekend, but also celebrated two of the Gourmet Girls birthdays. It turns out that Jen Shively and Gail Kearns were born on the same day, September 3rd, though many years apart (we’re not saying how many!). We all rendezvoused at Presqu’ile Winery (pronounced press-KEEL; the Creole word for “almost an island”) in Santa Maria at around 1 pm, carrying various pot luck items for our picnic. If you are in the area and haven’t yet visited this stunning place, you’re in for a treat. The architecture of the wine tasting facility and views of the Santa Maria valley are truly amazing. Did we mention that the wines are outstanding, too! Jen made one of her delicious salads, Gail brought organic chicken from Bell Street Farm in Los Alamos, Denise supplied us with tomatoes from her garden, and everyone else pitched in with charcuterie type tidbits. At around 5 pm, hoards of people streamed in for the concert held in the outdoor amphitheater that evening. It wasn’t long before The Molly Ringwald Project (an 80s tribute band based in California) had us dancing in front of the stage. All in all, it was another memorable get-together filled with our usual laughter, storytelling, and cheer. Naturally, we’re all eager to get the print book of The Gourmet Girls Go Camping Cookbook underway, so if you haven’t downloaded your eBook version yet, here’s a universal link that will take you to all the places where it is available.

Autumn may be on the horizon, but that’s no reason to stay inside … at least not yet. And here in California, we have 3-season camping, so there’s no excuse for avoiding a couple of weekend getaways before Thanksgiving arrives!

GGs at Presqu'ile2

Seyburn at Presqui'ile

Cheers everyone! We hope you had a terrific summer! Why not tell us about one of your memorable moments!

Gail, Lindsey & Denise