Gourmet Girls on Fire!

The Gourmet Girls on Fire

Left: Denise Woolery, owner of Acanthus Design and executive chef for the cookbook.

Middle: Lindsey Moran, film and TV production designer and the writer and illustrator of the cookbook.

Right: Gail Kearns, Book Sherpa who helps people through the self-publishing process, and editor-in-chief of this book.

The Gourmet Girls on Fire — Lindsey Moran, Denise Woolery, and Gail Kearns — launched their Kickstarter campaign on Feb 22, 2016, to fund The Gourmet Girls Go Camping Cookbook. The cookbook features 140 camper-friendly gourmet recipes, useful tips and recommendations, full color images, and retro-inspired graphics. Their goal is to raise $30K by March 25 to cover the up-front printing costs. To make this cookbook a tangible printed reality please visit www.kickstarter.com to pre-order your copy!

Campaign Hashtag #gourmetgirlsonfire