Lake Tahoe Adventure with Sisters on the Fly


Gourmet Girl Gail here. I’ve written before about some of my adventures with Sisters on the Fly, and the Tahoe event is one I’ll never forget. There were about ninety Sisters camping out at Tahoe Valley Campground in South Lake Tahoe, and Kim Matarazzo, our hostess and organizer, had some fun activities in store . . . from potluck the first night to the MS Dixie II Sunset Dinner Cruise to Casino night and a Sisters barbecue at Nevada Beach under the spectacular Pavilion.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. The drive up was long (we took 395 along the Eastern Sierras) with a stopover at Diaz Lake, a primitive campground three miles south of Lone Pine. I caravanned with two other Sisters on the Fly: Kathy Moran and Kathleen Murphy. Here we are parked at the lake for the night.

Morning at the lake was magical!

This was the longest haul I’d made with my Roadtrek, and things were going smoothly until we hit a rain cloud just outside of Carson City and my windshield wipers decided to conk out. We pulled over and waited for the cloud burst to empty and then hit the road again.

After getting checked in to our respective campsites, I took a stroll to look at the always amazing vintage trailers that these gals pull to various events. They are ever so inventive!

Bicycling is a big sport among the Sisters. Each morning I saw several women don their backpacks and headgear to head off on a cycling trip. I’m definitely putting a bicycle on my list of things to get for the next Sisters event.

But some Sisters (like me) prefer to keep the home fires burning! Here’s Joanne Tarkington making Dutch oven fireball pumpkin pie. A woman after my own heart. I may ask her to give us the recipe, if she’s willing, for our next Gourmet Girls Go Camping cookbook. It was baked to perfection!

A special shout-out goes to Janice Schoonhoven-Rinehart who single handedly cooked the best pulled pork I’ve ever tasted. We’re talking 80 pounds of pork butt that she pulled out of her freezer on her ranch to feed us all for dinner and enough leftovers for omelettes the next morning. I have to say, I really can’t compete with that! And her sweet dog alerted Janice at 4 am to a bear in her campsite, trying to pry open her Yeti cooler! He wasn’t successful, but . . .  I’m putting that on my list too. No, not the bear or the cooler (I’ve already got a Yeti), but the dog, yes! Speaking of bears, I awoke at 2 am in my campsite to the smell of one and it knocked into my Roadtrek (didn’t enter, thankfully), but the next morning my camp chair had a big ‘ole paw print on it.

My favorite part of Tahoe was swimming in the pristine waters of the lake. Apparently, Tahoe is so clear that in some places objects can be seen to depths of over 70 feet. There are 63 streams that flow into Lake Tahoe and only one, the Truckee River, that flows out into Pyramid Lake. Unlike most bodies of water in North America, Tahoe’s water never reaches the ocean. I grew up camping and picnicking at lakes on the east coast, so being in a lake environment was truly a treat! I look forward to visiting Tahoe again.

In the meantime, do you have a lake story you’d like to share? If so, we’d love to hear about it! Go here to post a comment.

Until next time,

Happy trails to you!

Gail, Denise, and Lindsey


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  1. Laurie Garcia says: Reply

    I follow you and didn’t know you were a sister or at the Tahoe event!! It was truly a magical time. I have to say Jo Tarkington’s pie was THE BOMB!! She was camped close to me so when other sisters came for snacks and shots she brought it over to share, everyone that tried it LOVED it!!
    Laurie #3049

    1. Sorry we didn’t get to meet at this Sisters event, but let’s connect on FB and keep in touch for the next one! Are you signed up for Live Oak Stampede? I’ll be there.

  2. Rosemary Yull says: Reply

    Thank you for this wonderful chronicle of the Lake Tahoe Sisters Soirée! Two of my fave lakes- Diaz Lake with Lone Pine Peak and Mt Whitney in background – total peace and our magnificent jewel of the Sierras Lake Tahoe. Hope I get to join the next lake adventure I’ll help with the cooking! Silverado Rosie #10662 Napa CA

    1. That would be wonderful!

  3. jepsmom says: Reply

    I lived in Reno Nevada for 25 years and I really
    Miss the short drive up to Tahoe! I hope there’s another Tahoe event next year so I can make the drive from Colorado!

    1. Would be great to meet you! I think you just purchased our e-cookbook. Thank you so much!

  4. Janice says: Reply

    Such a great article. This was such a awesome event and Kimberly did a awesome job as our hostess with the mostess. Thank you for this wonderful article and I am going to start following you. My Lucy thanks you also for the cute picture. She enjoyed meeting all of you as much as I did. I won’t be able to keep her home anymore. Hope to see you at more events.

    1. Thanks, Janice! It was so good to meet you in Tahoe. I hope you’re signed up for Live Oak and will bring my friend Lucy!

  5. Awesome event & location! Thank you so much for putting Luna in your article. We had the best time ever! My daughter Jennifer was so happy to see her mom having such a great time with so many beautiful sisters! A BIG thank you to Kim for hosting such a wonderful event!
    Diane Garman #4423

  6. silveradorosie says: Reply

    Gail: I was so impressed with your post I followed up checking your web site and learned about your camping cookbook “Gourmet Girls On Fire”! I immediately ordered two. They arrived yesterday and I settled for an afternoon of delicious reads- read the whole book. Wow! It’s fantastic and can’t wait to try out either at camp or in our own outdoor kitchen I googled all the new cooking gear to my delight such as Tuscan Grill, Wonderbag, Volcano Dutch Oven. & Grill. And yes they’re now all in my Amazon “shopping list”! I enjoyed the extra notes and narrative too. Kudos to you and cohorts Lindsey and Deniece for this masterpiece. Love your Santa Barbara gourmet girls group and want to form my own. The Gourmet Girls on Fire are an inspiration! 😁🏕

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