A Lovely Adventure at Adventure 16

Hello Friends and Followers,

Gourmet Girl Gail here. Happy August! We started off the month with a book event this past weekend in Los Angeles at Adventure 16, L.A.’s oldest outdoor specialty shop. I bought my very first pair of hiking boots there over 20 years ago! It’s a huge (18,000 square feet) fantastic store filled with outdoor gear and clothing.  They boast a well-trained and experienced staff “to help you get into wild places on the right foot and with the right tools.” Those words are music to our gearhead ears!

All three of us authors were present at the event. Lindsey, our book designer, supplied the AV setup, a new addition to our events, which scrolled through every page of our Gourmet Girls Go Camping Cookbook.

Denise and I served up three recipes from the cookbook: Bloody Maryann (with and without the spirits), Black Bean and Goat Cheese Quesadillas, and Harvest Grains with Hazelnuts. The packaged harvest grains are available at Trader Joe’s, and Executive Chef Denise does a great job of doctoring them up with leeks, bell peppers, mushrooms, and freshly chopped parsley. This is a side dish that is easy to prepare and goes with many of the entrees in the cookbook.

One of the most pleasurable aspects of holding an event is interacting with the participants. The boy in the photo below is a Boy Scout who is looking forward to getting his cooking badge! His mother brought him so he could see what camp cooking is all about. We hope he learned something from our demo and perusing through the recipes.-:)

Another foodie/camper wondered if we had a sequel to The Gourmet Girls Go Camping Cookbook. It’s not that we haven’t thought of it, and who knows what the future will bring. The Gourmet Girls Go Foraging? Or better yet, The Gourmet Girls Go to Paris! The possibilities are endless, we think.

The summer’s not over yet for the Gourmet Girls. We’re looking forward to our next event in Medford, Oregon, at DANCIN Vineyards. This will be a two-day event. Gourmet Girls at Large Wendy Overend and Seyburn Zorthian will travel up to be with us, and we will all reconnect with Laurie (Sager) Thornton, one of the original Gourmet Girls in Santa Barbara. Laure did the landscaping for DANCIN. Can’t wait! There’s no doubt we’ll be dancing like nobody’s watching!

Until next time,
Gail, Denise & Lindsey

Bon Appetit!