Poetry in Nature

sunset landscape
There’s something about reading poetry out in nature that is soothing to the soul. Often, when I go camping I’ll bring along a couple of poetry books. Sometimes it’s Rumi or Hafiz, or sometimes it’s a thin volume of poetry entitled 101 Famous Poems I’ve known since childhood and given often as a gift to friends. There are many others to choose from on my shelves as well. On my last camping trip to Big Sur, I took along a book of poetry by Mary Oliver who often writes about the natural world. This was my first trip to Ventana Campground in a couple of months. I went to share good vibes with the community after their devastating fire, which thankfully is now contained. Mary Oliver seemed befitting of the occasion.
 Last Night the Rain Spoke to Me
Last night
the rain
spoke to me
slowly, saying,
what joy
to come falling
out of the brisk cloud,
to be happy again
in a new way
on the earth!
That’s what it said
as it dropped,
smelling of iron,
and vanished
like a dream of the ocean
into the branches
and the grass below.
Then it was over.
The sky cleared.
I was standing
under a tree.
The tree was a tree
with happy leaves,
and I was myself,
and there were stars in the sky
that were also themselves
at the moment
at which moment
my right hand
was holding my left hand
which was holding the tree
which was filled with stars
and the soft rain –
imagine! imagine!
the long and wondrous journeys
still to be ours.
Misty morning. mist over lake.
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Happy Fall Camping Everyone!
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