Sisters on the Fly Take 2

Hello Friends and Followers,

Gourmet Girl Gail here to report on my newest adventure with the Sisters on the Fly, the largest outdoor women’s group in the United States. Over this past weekend, I heard that there are upwards of 9000 members (I’m Sister #8516, so that tells you what a newbie I am!). Nonetheless, twenty-eight Sisters gathered in California’s Gold Country for a three-day camping adventure, which included river rafting, a tour of local farms and wineries, and, of course, lots of storytelling around the evening fire.

It’s apple season in Apple Hill where we were tempted with many apple treats, like caramel apples, apple butter, and even apple beer.

Sisters came from as far away as Tempe, Arizona, and as close as Coloma, around the corner from the American River Resort where we camped, and many of the Sisters set up their vintage trailers. Coloma is on the South Fork of the American River.


I love this vintage tent setup, which included a chamber pot! What a wonderful collectible and a way to camp. I’m still tenting it, but I must admit that the idea of a trailer or RV is becoming more and more irresistible!

The mountain below is named Murphy Mountain, which I’m told turns emerald green in the springtime and is covered with poppies. Murphy was the view outside my tent, with a partial view of the river below where the Troublemaker rapids flow. Whenever a raft hit those waters we could hear the screams of delight (or was it horror!) of the rafters.

One of the Sisters whose name was Sandy, originally from Scotland, decided to take a break and pan for gold. Her efforts were rewarded with a few little nuggets. Well, why not! It is Gold Country after all. Sandy’s limericks (also known as Scottish Street Poetry) were a highlight of our gatherings around the fire.

If you’re looking for a fall escape, I highly recommend California’s Gold Country and all it has to offer. And if you’re a gal who loves to camp and meet other outdoor women enthusiasts, seriously consider Sisters on the Fly. It’s a great organization, and the memories will stay for a long, long time.

Till next time, stay outdoors! In our book, there’s nothing better than fall camping!

Gail, Denise and Lindsey