Smokey Oregon and the Eclipse!

Hello fellow gourmands!

Well, Gourmet Girls Seyburn, Gail, and Denise hit the road last week and met up in Jacksonville, Oregon, to do a delightful food demo at the beautiful DANCIN Vineyards, owned by Dan and Cindy Marca. Get it? DanCin?

Our dear friend and Gourmet Girl at Large, Laurie Thornton, who was the landscape architect for DANCIN Vineyards, and her husband Mike were kind enough to put us up for a few days, and Laurie helped with the food prep! No small feat since one of the dishes we served was stuffed quail eggs. Have you ever peeled 150 tiny, hardboiled quail eggs? We both could live the rest of our lives without ever doing that again. But the results were delicious! ┬áMany thanks to both of them! And Laurie’s design of the grounds at DANCIN was amazing! Here is a close up of the lovely koi pond.

I mean rally close up! Hungry little devils!

DANCIN prepared a wine flight to go with our three appetizers and here is the menu:

We were stationed under a very old black walnut tree where Gail served our scallop ceviche and Denise cooked our spiced lamb sliders to order on a camp stove. The quail eggs were the only treat made in advance. We are all about authenticity! Truth is, if you can cook something at home on the stove or in your oven, you can cook it outdoors over a camp fire too!

Everyone who came out had a wonderful time tasting our delectable treats and the exceptional wines that DANCIN had to offer. Our book was a huge hit!

We ended our trip Sunday evening at Lake of the Woods, a beautiful area east of Jacksonville, and since there were so many forest fires in southwest Oregon while we were there, it was a bit less smokey than down in the Jacksonville/Medford area. Monday morning we were ready for eclipse viewing, and well out of the way of the masses that had descended upon Salem, Oregon, to view the eclipse at 100 percent totality. At Lake of the Woods, we viewed the eclipse at 94 percent totality, which was spectacular enough. Here we are, left to right: Gail, Denise, and Seyburn, trying not to go blind.

Well my friends, the Gourmet Girls are all back now in their respective homes looking forward to hearing from you all and hoping that you have been enjoying our lovely cookbook, The Gourmet Girls Go Camping Cookbook, and that you had a great time viewing the eclipse. It was an amazing event that won’t be seen again for quite some time. Remember to tell your friends about us and to visit our website to get your copy now!

Until next time, Bon Appetit!