Staying Connected When You’re Camping!

Computer on Picnic Table

Okay, I know, we’re supposed to relax (not work!) when we’re on a camping trip. But as editor-in-chief of the Gourmet Girls Go Camping Cookbook (soon to be released as an eBook) and a book sherpa on many other projects, I tend to work wherever life takes me. In fact, my motto has always been “Have Editor, Will Travel.”


Here, I’m working on a presentation I gave at the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference on building an author platform. I have my trusty Mac hooked up to my Goal Zero Sherpa 100 Power Pack. With it, I was able to keep the battery full on my laptop, and recharge my iPhone and iPad.

Next up? The Himalayas? Check out this YouTube video for staying connected at Ama Dablam 15,000 feet up.

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Happy trails!