Exploring Morro Bay

Howdy Everyone, A few weeks ago, shortly before Halloween, I took Gone with the Wind (aka Roadtrek) up to Morro Bay State Park. Accompanying me in her Minnie Winnie was my RV pal, Kathy Moran. Each of us had booked three nights with full hookups. Never having camped there with RVs before, we didn’t know […]

Happy Thanksgiving From The Loire River Valley!

Hello Food and Travel Lovers! Gourmet Girl Denise here. Greetings from the Loire River Valley in France! It’s been a couple of months since I wrapped up my business, packed up my computer, crated my beloved kitty, Milo the Magnificent, and jumped onto a plane headed for France. Trying to juggle all of those things […]

Nelder Grove of Giant Sequoias

Dear Friends and Followers, Gourmet Girl Gail here. I just returned from my yearly trek to Yosemite, and it was spectacular. I’ll cover that in more detail in a later blog post, though. Right now I’m excited to share with you one of those magical experiences that can happen while traveling. My sister Sandy and […]

Spring Has Sprung!

Hello fellow nature lovers! Gourmet Girls Denise and Lindsey here! Southern California is warming up and Mother Nature is hard at work. There are many places to see her handiwork and we wanted to share some of our favorites with you. We had the opportunity this week to tour Lotusland in Santa Barbara and marveled […]

Hiking Mt. Monadnock — A Good Workout!

Dear Friends & Followers, Mt. Monadnock (or Grand Monadnock) at 3,165 feet is located within the towns of Jaffrey and Dublin, New Hampshire. I often viewed this mountain from a distance when visiting my family back east, mainly while driving from Walpole to Keene. The word “monadnock” originally comes from the Abnacki Indian language meaning […]

Lessons Along the Kalalau Trail

There are certain adventures in life that change you. Without a doubt hiking the 22 mile roundtrip Kalalau Trail in Kauai leaves an impression unlike any other. It’s left such an impression on Gourmet Girl Lindsey Moran, that she’s returned twice since her first time hiking the trail in 2006. She has every intention of making the journey many more times to come. Here’s her […]