2018 Camping Bucket List

Greetings Everyone! Gourmet Girl Gail here. We’re finally getting back to a bit of normalcy after the fires and mudslides in the Santa Barbara area. Although I and most of the people I know weren’t physically affected, I think psychically it has taken its toll. It was hard to wrap our minds around the idea […]

A Minestrone Soup to Warm Your Heart

Hello Friends, We’ve been getting rain (lots of rain) here in California, and with it has come some challenges: flash floods, mudslides and the like, along with colder weather. We’re not complaining about the rain itself — we still need close to 50 inches to fill up our water supply at Lake Cachuma — but […]

Why Would Anyone Want to Camp in the Winter?

Tent in snow

Dear Intrepid Campers, It might seem foolhardy, unless you live in our kind climate, but the Gourmet Girls think that with some preparedness you can enjoy cold weather camping. We’re serious. Some people do love winter camping, even in the snow! And for good reason. There are less crowds, less insects, and the bears are […]