Tips for packing your cooler!

Camp Kitchen

Greetings Fellow Gourmet Campers!

Well, the 2016 camping season is well underway and here at the Gourmet Girls on Fire test

kitchen we continue to try out new recipes for our readers. As the Executive Chef for the

Gourmet Girls, I know how difficult it can be planning your menus and packing up your

cooler for the trip. Here are a few tips to make your life easier!

1. Put the main course for the last night of your trip in the cooler first, or at the bottom. It

will stay cold longer and that way. Keep packing your cooler working backwards with the

first nights food on top. That way you won’t be rummaging around looking for items and

the cooler will stay closed longer, which helps to prevent ice melt.

2. Plan your meals so that the most perishable foods, like fish and chicken, are eaten the

first few nights. Marinated meats last longer so schedule them for evenings later in the


3. Keep your salad greens in a water proof cold sack at the top of your cooler or in a

separate zippered bag with a small, leak proof ice bag. Empty water bottles that you have

filled with tap water and frozen work especially good for this. Make sure your greens don’t


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Until next Tuesday, Bon Appetite! Denise

Gourmet Girl Cooler